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From this month, the new Kitchen Market collection by HAY dedicated to table and kitchen, is also on sale in Italy.

The collection is on sale in the two Milan Design Republic stores (corso di Porta Ticinese 3 and the brand new one in Piazza del Tricolore 2) and on-line.

Photo Daniele Fragale

Colored plates, marbled plates, enamel trays and mugs, ice cream cups, glass jars, jugs, pots, chopping boards, grinders, picnic basket, vases… and everything you need for cleaning your home: fun sponges, buckets and tea towels!

This is a strange collection which I did not expect from the Swedish brand that has get us used to super-modern home accessories and desk props in pop colors.

It is more a tribute to Italian Sundays, family lunches, simple table setting, a bit of ’80s (tell me that you do not feel a twinge of nostalgia for the metal ice cream cups or those in glass with the wavy edge!)…

The store setting up is curated by Simple fair and here are some beautiful photos taken right in their home:

Simple Flair Apartment – Oddproduzioni

Simple Flair Apartment – Oddproduzioni

Tell me that you do not want to sit down at the table right now! The pink dishes are obviously already on my wishlist!
Here are some pictures from the collection:

Poto cover Daniele Fragale / Hay – Kitchen Collection