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Omar’s Place is a new restaurant that opened last month in London in Pimlico, the area south of Buckingham Palace that goes up to the Thames and where is also the Tate Modern (if you have not yet visit it go there during your next trip to London and do not miss the Ofelia of Millais, one of my favorite paintings ever!).

Here you can taste Mediterranean dishes in a beautiful space designed by the Sella Concept studio. They thought of every single detail: brass lamps, velvet sofas, touches of pink, terrazzo tables and geometric lines. This is the perfect place to get inspired to decor your home. Here are my favorite elements:

Pink – terracotta shades

I love this color palette, a more mature touch of pink, which is inspired by terracotta and links to the color of the year Heart Wood. A warm tone that blends perfectly with various wood species.


My favorite fabric. In pink and blue my favorite declinations. All you need is a velvet armchair to immediately give a Pinterest touch to the room.


Metallic details are perfect to increase light and brass is the perfect material to create warm and welcoming light spots. Less intrusive than gold, more neutral than copper, warmer than steel. I already talked about my obsession with this material here.


This interior trend came on tiptoe a couple of years ago. At first we all were skeptical, now I love it! It also gives a great freedom with colors and variations.

Decorated surfaces

Why should walls always be smooth? I love when the surfaces are covered like this super refined boiserie in carved wood.

Geometric lines

I love geometric lines, clean and neat decorations (it will be another detail of my ocd?!) and I think these mirrors on the walls are beautiful. Even the ventilation grilles can become beautiful!

Sculpture lamps

I love lamps that are not only functional but also beautiful like sculptures. And if we add brass details… bingo! On the wall, suspended, table-top, each type can add a detail that can change the atmosphere in the room.

Attention to details

When all the elements dialogue with each other, it means that the director who has thought space has hit the target: it is not enough to choose single beautiful elements, they must also “get along”, create the harmony that makes the whole room. I really like that the edge of the bar counter reminds the sofas decoration or that the wooden corrugated wall is linked to the baseboard on the ground. It means that nothing has been overlooked!

Now I just have to give you the address of this beautiful bar/restaurant for your next trip to London! Omar’s Place, 13 Cambridge Street.

Photo Nicholas Worley – Interior design Sella Concept