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Modern Family is an American TV series broadcast by ABC since 2009. Nine seasons (the last one still on air) of big laughs!

I love this show, it is the story of a “modern” and unconventional family: there is Jay Pritchett, father of Claire and Mitchell, who married in second marriage the young and beautiful Colombian Gloria (Sofía Vergara), Manny’s mother, a very responsable young boy. There are Claire and Phil Dunphy with their three children, the beautiful Haley, Alex, the smartest, and Luke, the youngest and naive. Finally there are Mitchell, Cameron and little Lily too.

Three families, three houses and three different styles! The peculiarity of this TV series is that is shot in real houses, all in Los Angeles, just like in the show!

These are the real addresses of the houses that you can see around Los Angeles:
Phil & Claire Dunphy: 10336 Dunleer Drive (sold a few years ago for just over 2 million dollars)
Cameron & Mitchell: 2211 Fox Hills Drive
Gloria & Jay Pritchett: 121 S. Cliffwood Avenue, Brentwood (very elegant Los Angeles residential area… the house is valued at around 8 million dollars!)

Phil & Claire Dunphy

The home of Phil and Claire is the most traditional, the classic family house. The most characteristic corners are: the entrance with the staircase leading to the upper floor with a composition of family photos, the kitchen where many scenes are held and the sofa… just like in a real family!

Cameron & Mitchell

Cam and Mitch live in an apartment in a beautiful corner building. They are passionate about design and they decorate their home a lot, there are many episodes about new furnitures… such as the white sofa, the grand piano, the restyling of the kitchen, Lily’s bedroom (with a super kitsch fresco with their faces)…
Even here the main scenes are take place between the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Jay & Gloria

Jay and Gloria are the richest in the family and live in a super modern Hollywood style villa with a pool!
Here too, most of the scenes take place in the kitchen around the large island and on the leather sofa in the living room.

If you have never seen Modern Family yet, do not wait any longer, I guarantee you big laughs! It’s my comforting show, when I’m a bit sad it immediately brings me in a good mood!

Photo ABC/Danny Feld – My Accidental Discoveries