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Milan Design Week will be back from 21 to 26 April 2020.

With the Salone del Mobile and the Fuorisalone around the city, Milan that week will be as always the place to be for all design enthusiasts.

There were rumors that the Salone del Mobile could have been moved due to the Corona Virus but this will not happen. Certainly there will be a large drop in visitors and exhibitors but everything will take place following the program: the Milan Design Week will be held from 21 to 26 April 2020.

As always, Ventura Centrale is one of the most awaited events, for the monumental and scenographic installations that come to life every year inside the former warehouses Stazione Centrale.

Ventura Centrale 2020

This year 16 companies will exhibit in the spaces of the former warehouses of the Stazione Centrale, here is the complete list: Object Carpet x Ippolito Fleitz Group (Germany), Daikin (Japan), Studio Italia Design (Italy), NOROO (South Korea), Synesthesia Lab (Japan), Yamaha Corporation Design Laboratory (Japan), CRAMUM (Italy), FiberEUse (Italy), Kunaal Kyhaan per KOY (India), TANGENT (UK), Chiquita (Italy), Puma Innovation (Germany), Level Project (Italy), Museum of Architecture and Design (Slovenia) e Rapt Studio (USA).

Yes among the brands there will be also Chiquita, those of bananas! I am very curious to see their installation for which they called Dominic Wilcox, artist, designer and inventor that I am sure will make us smile and take lots of photos! Chiquita and Wilcox also launch an open challenge, through a workshop and a contest dedicated to all inventors: design an object that creatively solves a daily problem and reflects the Chiquita banana design pillars – recyclable, pocket-sized, simple and “naturally original”.

“With all the tragedies that happen, as artists or designers, we end up wondering about the meaning of what we do. What we can do is try to make a positive contribution. Nothing else. And the hope is that positive things will prevail over negative ones. If you can make people smile, that’s good. Humor lowers the defenses and allows you to touch even serious subjects.” Dominic Wilcox – from an Icon Design interview

I’m very curious to discover the installation by Synesthesia Lab, a seat equipped with 44 vibrating actuators that makes you feel as if you’re wrapped in a world of sounds, lights, and vibrations.
Rapt Studio will invite us to plant real seeds and to cultivate nature and relationships at the table. We will discover bio design and on demand production with Puma, immersive scenography aiming to reproduce Indian mythological tales and customs with the installation by Kunaal Kyhaan, we will have the chance to leave our trace in the installation by Raw-Edges Design Studio for Noroo… The Slovenian Center for Creativity presents a post-apocalyptic scenario imagining a world with DIY furniture from recycled plastics, invasive plant species and salvaged scrap metal, and where survivors grow their own food.
16 exhibitors, 16 warehouses, 16 worlds to discover.

Synesthesia Lab, Ventura Centrale 2020

Synesthesia Lab, Ventura Centrale 2020

Kunaal Kyhaan, “Rytuals”

Ventura Future 2020

The focus here will be on research, new materials and sustainability with academies, design schools, young designers and emerging brands.

Ventura Future will be back at BASE (Tortona district) with the same format of last year and 5 euros entrance fee, the ticket will provide access to the Ventura Future and BASE exhibitions and to the evening events throughout Milan Design Week), tickets are already available here. Ventura Future will host 5 formats: Ventura Collection (emerging designers), Ventura Expose (promising individual designers and design studios), Ventura Rooms (hotel rooms in casaBASE), Ventura Academies (prominent academies) and Ventura Brands (established creative brands and country presentations).

It will be very interesting to discover new researches such as new material from seashells discarded by the seafood industry, handbags from cows’ intestines, fingernail-mounted sensor to add haptic sensations to augmented reality, natural fibers, hair fibers, 3D print, on-demand productions, sustainability and much more.

Beer Holthuis, 3D printer to recycle paper

Design School Kolding, “Waste is a resource, waste has value!”

DesignSingapore, Sheryl Teng

Newtab-22, “Sea Stone” new material from seashells discarded by the seafood industry

Studio Tada, Fulu can add haptic sensation to augmented reality

Jessica Smarsch, Connextyle for stroke rehabilitation


Photo cover Hola Studio – 3D printed lamp in biodegradable plastic derived from natural resources