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There is a designer who carries around the Moravian woods in the Czech Republic, the furniture he designs on his shoulder. He leaves them in beautiful places surrounded by nature and any passer-by can enjoy the landscape having a relaxing break on his armchairs.

The designer is Dan Golík from Egoé, an outdoor furniture brand from the Czech Republic. Egoé was born 10 years ago from a group of friends that was trying to find some attractive outdoor furniture. Nothing satisfied their requests for functionality but also for modernity so they started to design themselves and, after the great success they immediately received among friends and relatives, even to produce them!
A beautiful story of friendship, ideas and design.

Functionality and local production were their goal from the very beginning, their outdoor furniture are made entirely in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Egoé’s intent is to encourage being outdoors as a social lifestyle, to return to nature with a sustainable impact.

Furniture out in the “wild side” are already 10, all personally transported by Dan Golík and placed in lesser-known spots, surrounded by nature. Imagine the pleasant surprise for those who find these seats where they can stop and enjoy the landscape! What a kind idea!

The 11th place will be Milan, during the Fuorisalone 2019, in the courtyard of the BASE in the Tortona district. It is difficult to find a natural oasis in town but don’t worry Egoé will bring the forest too with a live installation from Křivoklát Castle, a Bohemian castle surrounded by nature. Dan will be there and from Milan you will able to interact with him and the visitors of the castle!

A great idea to escape, even if for just a few minutes, from the craziness of the design week!


Photo Egoé