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Colors are definitely my cup of tea!

Do you know what is Season Color Analysis?

I bet you’ve heard of it lately! Recently it has become a real trend: Chiara Ferragni has also talked about it!

Season Color Analysis, is the first step in image consulting. Watching closely your skin undertone, hair and eyes you can understand your “season”. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. These are the macro-categories, two of them are warm (Autumn and Spring) and two cold (Summer and Winter). Each season has 3, or 4 for someone, subtypes with diverse intensity:

Summer: Light/Cool/Soft (+pure)

Autumn: Deep/Warm/Soft (+pure)

Winter: Deep/Cool/Bright (+pure)

Spring: Light/Warm/Bright (+pure)

Photo Italian Image Institute – Rossella Migliaccio

Finding out your season help you to identify colors and flattering shades that suit you well. You’ll have for sure some colors you can’t wear, with whom you can’t see you well, they are not from your right seasonal color palette. Color analysis identifies colors you should wear and those you shouldn’t, it can be really useful guiding you not only with clothes but also make-up, jewelry and hair colors!

Color Analysis is a very complex analysis.
I’ve always been a pro with colors, but when it comes to fashion… nothing, blackout, I can’t even recognize warm or cold colors.

Giulia Limetti introduced me to this magical world Color Analysis! Giulia is an image consultant who works with the Italian Image Institute of Rossella Migliaccio.

After covering me with a white cape, she went through the colors of the various seasons and subgroups until I got my response: my seasonal color palette is Summer Cool.

What does it mean being Summer Cool color season? It means having cold tones and being good with cool and pastel shades. You have always to match warm with warm and cool with cool. Some famous examples of my season colors are Bianca Balti and Laetitia Casta… not bad at all!

What does it mean to me? Thank goodness pink (just cool pink) is in my palette! Blue is better than black to me (ouch!), silver is better than gold (sigh), I can dive in gray shades and I have absolutely to keep away from brown!

The first thing I asked Giulia when we first met (immediately after asking her if as a child she used to put colored pencils in chromatic order… I used to do it!) was if it makes sense to talk about color analysis also for interiors. Considering that if you live with someone who is from another season color palette it becomes more complicated… Giulia told me that surely we are led to have a inner preference for colors of our own palette. So yes, it could be that your love for lilac (hi Mir!) can be indicative of your palette.
Colors can make us feel good, at ease. They must certainly be chosen carefully even in furnishing!

Color Analysis is a real trend in these days – it’s curious how a topic suddenly becomes viral, isn’t it?! – but it has its origins in the Bauhaus! Johannes Itten, painter and teacher of the school, used color analysis to explain the theory of colors to his pupils of the portraiture course!

Do you know your season color palette? Recognizing it can be tricky but you will notice that if you find the right color palette, your skin will glow! Now that I know my comfort-palette, I expect the miracle… I could practically transform myself into a bright unicorn at any moment!