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Ventura Lambrate is the place to go to see young designers, discover their works, have a look of most futuristic researches, new materials and meet students from best design academies.

Start your visit from Via Ventura (via privata Giovanni Ventura) and continue towards via Sbodio> via privata Oslavia> via Massimiano> Via Conte Rosso and than you’ll be back in via Ventura.

On the Ventura Projects website you will find the complete map or a shorter version for those who have not much time.
Yesterday I did the take over of @Venturaprojects Instagram account: still for few hours you can see the stories that I did!Ventura Lambrate

Design invades everything: private gardens, industrial warehouses, tire shop, mechanic, offices and art galleries. Enter without fear and don’t be ashamed to ask for information, designers will be happy to tell you about their projects! A seemingly simple object explained if it can turn into a very interesting discovery!

You can also grab a bite in several street food trucks.

Via Ventura 14

Here you will also find the exhibition Experimental Creations: 6 young Japanese designers show their works made experimenting with materials using organic waste, egg shells, fabrics and metals.
Ventura-lambrate-2017 Ventura-lambrate-2017-2

Here you can find Storytiles: beautiful decorative tiles.
They are for sale from 25 €. Take a picture and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #storytiles, you can try to win one!Fiep Westendorp & Ice blue Lieselot Moed, Who's the boss?

Via Massimiano/via Sbodio (double entry): Din Design, independent event external to Ventura Projects. Food tracks area.Ventura-lambrate-2017-3 Ventura-lambrate-2017-4

Via privata Oslavia

Here you will find all the academies and best design schools. Look around and discover best researches!

This is a pneumatic lamp /clock!Ventura-lambrate-2017-5 Ventura-lambrate-2017-7

What you see in brown here is coffee, I just wish you could smell the aroma too!
Ventura-lambrate-2017-8 Ventura-lambrate-2017-9

Among the works of Material Futures students of the Central Saint Martin in London there is the performance of Lenka Vacková against fast fahion: Lenka is being tattooed with the logos of most famous brands. Instead of the standard ink she is using her own blood as pigment. The tattoos will gradually disappear, but the blood represent the dissent against the mistreatment of workers in the fast fashion factories.

Via Massimiano

Studio Thier & van DaalenVentura lambrate DSC_0020DSC_0021

Sandwich Bikes diy
DSC_0023 DSC_0026

Super supermarket: the playful exhibition mimics a real supermarket made of residual materials supplied by a variety of Danish companies. It points towards a new reality where recycling and sustainability become a natural part of corporate business models.fuorisalone lambrate Norwegian Craft & Design: Everything is connected.DSC_0036 DSC_0040

Via Conte RossoDSC_0055

Don’t miss the Ikea Festival, via Ventura 14. You can read more about it here: “Fuorisalone 2017: Ikea Festival”.


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