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The design week is coming: from 17th to 22nd April Milan will be overwhelmed by the euphoria of Fuorisalone and the Salone del Mobile will begin in the Rho Fiera pavilions.

How to get ready to deal with all the events and things to see? Here there are 6 things that can help you. Only the essential, I recommend you!

After many, many years of adjustments I think I have find the perfect technique. Here are my tips:

  • Decide where to go. During this week is essential don’t waste time so decide what you want to see and where you want to go. On this point, do not worry, I will help you!
    Do not miss my app: Gucki Fuorisalone Guide, you can already download it for free (it is available for both iOS and Android). Here you will find my selection of the most beautiful events, the most spectacular locations, curiosities, but also where to eat and drink something.
    Here on the blog in the coming days you will also find a downloadable pdf with the very best, what you can not really miss!

  • Organize your transportation. My advice is to walk as much as possible!
    If you use public transport, you can make a travel card, save something and you will not have to worry about buying a ticket for every trip.
    Bikesharing service by ATMOFO or Mobike are a good idea to move easily in the city.
    This week the traffic will be chaotic but if you have to do long distance you can also choose the car sharing service by Enjoy or DriveNow.
    There is also a brand new service: MiMoto, the first electric scooter sharing service in Milan (you can manage everything from the app like the car sharing service): you can use the 200-minute offer for €30 by writing to [email protected].

  • Comfortable shoes. I’ve already told you, walk-walk-walk! You will not regret it! Forget new shoes and heels, your feet will thank you! 
  • Photos. Whether you use the camera (do not try to do professionals with the Reflex camera… it weighs! I can tell you!) or your smartphone, take pictures! You will be able to post and share photos and you can save inspirations and all the things you will love!
    Doing this you will be lighter without collecting too much paper! Hold up the temptation to take catalogs and gadgets: they weigh and you will have to carry them around with you! 
  • Tote bag. You can wait for the first event where they will tempt you with a shopper and use it to put everything you collect (minimize the weight!) or you can bring it with you from home!
  • Umbrella / sunglasses. In last few years the magic of Fuorisalone usually brought a pop up summer in Milan. This year I’m afraid it won’t… I’m checking with anxiety the weather forecast but unfortunately they are not very optimistic during the next week. I suspect that the umbrella will be among the must have of the week! 

In my opinion this is the essential to have while visiting Fuorisalone and Salone del Mobil to be ready to enjoy the most beautiful week of the year!!