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Breeze of light is the Nendo installation created during Design Week 2019 to represent air as a fundamental element for human life.

How do you represent and visualize air without air? Only Nendo could have done it! Breeze of light, at Tenoha in collaboration with the Japanese manufacturer of air conditioning and purification equipment Daikin, was an evocative installation composed of a “flower field”.

As by now Oki Sato and Nendo have accustomed us, it is a black and white vision: after having walked in a black corridor wrapped in darkness, we entered the installation where we immersed ourselves in a minimal panorama of dazzling white.

The walk among the flowers left everyone amazed: the flowers, made in a polarized film, cast a shadow that, by varying and moving, gave the impression that there was a slight breeze to stir them. Needless to say, it took a while to understand the trick!

115 spotlights on 17,000 polarized flower-shaped films to recreate a light breeze of light and shadow.

“Since Daikin is a company that produces air conditioning systems and its mission is to recreate the perfect comfort for every environment, the exhibition aims to represent a space where you can perceive the existence of the air of which, usually, we are not aware of”. Oki Sato, designer and founder of the Nendo studio

I can imagine the first briefing meeting between Daikin and Nendo: bow – “Oki Sato-san” – bow (it’s a meeting between Japanese…), “we would like to have the honor of having one of your installation representing our new conditioners” – bow. Daikin at this Design Week presented air conditioners that are also for outdoor use, so I imagine that Oki Sato’s fantasy raced into nature. How to represent the air with a poetic vision? A field of flowers shaken by a light breeze… the brilliant intuition by Nendo + the elegance that always distinguishes his projects. With this installation it is possible to perceive and visualize the element of air that we don’t often think about it, an illusory breeze made of lights and shadows.

A delicate and poetic installation … almost a vision of paradise!


Photos Takumi Ota – Video Toru Shiomi