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5vie is the design district through the narrow and oldest streets of Milan. Here, in the heart of the city, you can find many events you can’t miss and have a nice walk through the history of Milan.
This is the tour that I suggest you to follow to be able to see as much as possible:

Take the green metro line and get off at Sant’Ambrogio, first stop will leave you breathless:

Studio Martina Gamboni
via De Amicis 19

Buzz “Martina Gamboni studio” and they’ll just say “10th floor”. You’ll find a beautiful installation by Bloc Studios and Campbell Rey and an amazing rooftop terrace with a 360° view on Milan.

5vie-fuorisalone-1 5vie-fuorisalone5vie-fuorisalone-2 5vie-fuorisalone-3 Ladies & Gentlemen
via Cesare Correnti 145vie-fuorisalone-30 5vie-fuorisalone-31Diesel Living apartment
via Cesare Correnti 14 (secondo cortile)5vie-fuorisalone-285vie-fuorisalone-25 5vie-fuorisalone-26

Testro Arsenale “Armour Mon Amour”, Färg&Blanche
via Cesare Correnti 115vie-fuorisalone-21

Palazzo Durini “Ironically Iconic”
via Santa Maria Valle 2

Wait and See
via Santa Marta 14

Funky Table
via Santa Marta 195vie-fuorisalone-11

via Santa Marta 19/a5vie-fuorisalone-9 5vie-fuorisalone-10

via Santa Marta 215vie-fuorisalone-8

Laboratorio Paravicini
(same courtyard)
5vie-fuorisalone-4 5vie-fuorisalone-6 5vie-fuorisalone-7

Casa dello Zecchiere, via del Bollo 3

Cartier “Precious Garage”
Garage Sanremo, via Zecca Vecchia 35vie-fuorisalone-12 5vie-fuorisalone-13 5vie-fuorisalone-15

Masterly “The Dutch in Milan”
Palazzo Turati, via Meravigli 7

5vie-fuorisalone-16 5vie-fuorisalone-17 5vie-fuorisalone-23

Find the elevator, on the top floor you will find a nice terrace where have some relax!

Foyer Gorani
Matteo Cibic “Vasi naso”
piazza Gorani
5vie-fuorisalone-32 5vie-fuorisalone-33 5vie-fuorisalone-34 5vie-fuorisalone-35 5vie-fuorisalone-36

corso Magenta 96

Beautiful shop with amazing flowers. Go upstairs, you’ll find an amazing café!
5vie-fuorisalone-27 5vie-fuorisalone-29

Palazzo Litta
corso Magenta 24
5vie-fuorisalone-37 5vie-fuorisalone-38

Love the Diptyque installation!
5vie-fuorisalone-39 5vie-fuorisalone-40 5vie-fuorisalone-41

If you want to see more, from here you can easily walk to the Triennale of Milan or the Brera Design District or you can go to Rossana Orlandi gallery (Via Matteo Bandello 16)!

Buon Fuorisalone!


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