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The Fuorisalone 2017 is a kind of the Fuorisalone of Nendo.
In these days there are two exhibitions in town and many new products designed for the most important design companies.

You should know, Nendo is my favorite design studio. Yes, Nendo is not the name of a person but a Japanese design firm. The soul of the Nendo is Oki Sato, a young Japanese tall and always smiling.

I met him last year during last Fuorisalone. Here you can read our interview, that time when I asked him if he has super powers or when he told me that he feels a bit Italian…

Oki Sato-Nendo is a real rockstar, to see his “Nendo invisible outlines” exhibition Piazza Castello you have to line up! The show is hosted inside the Jil Sander showroom, Via Luca Beltrami 2.

The wonder and genius of Nendo projects is within their simplicity and essentiality. Japanese minimalism plus a special something that always amazes.
I waited 40 minutes in line but it really worth!

Nendo – “Invisible Outlines”
Jil Sander Showroom, via Luca Beltrami 2
invisible_outlines02_takumi_ota invisible_outlines03_takumi_otasakura02_akihiro_yoshida sakura06_akihiro_yoshida sakura08_akihiro_yoshidaborder_table26_hiroshi_iwasaki border_table17_hiroshi_iwasakijellyfish_vase02_akihiro_yoshida

invisible_outlines08_takumi_ota invisible_outlines11_takumi_ota

He’s a genius!

(Photo Takumi Ota – Akihiro Yoshida – Hiroshi Iwasaki)

Officine Panerai “Slice of time”
Palazzo Visconti, via Cino del Duca 8

There is another installation where you can admire the genius of Nendo. It is designed for Officine Panerai and it is at Palazzo Visconti, few steps from San Babila metro.

The installation is a metaphor for the passage of time.

(Photo Takumi Ota – Akihiro Yoshida)

slice_of_time_in_milan02_takumi_otaslice_of_time08_akihiro_yoshida slice_of_time03_akihiro_yoshidaslice_of_time_in_milan01_takumi_ota slice_of_time_in_milan03_takumi_ota

These are other projects designed by Nendo for the most prestigious companies:

Flos : Cylinder (lighting) / Box (lighting)
Alias : Okome (unit sofa) / Flow (table)
Cappellini : Tent (side tale) / Koeda (coat stand)
Glas Italia : Fragment (table)
DePadova : Sail (table)

Buon Fuorisalone!


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