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Every year Ikea makes the “Life At Home Report” to analyze and understand the new home habits of people all over the world and new needs.

One of the data that emerged this year is the not-news that having too many things is a source of stress.
We frequently keep rather than get rid of things. I’m guilty! I get attached to things and it’s really hard for me to get rid of them (not so much with clothes though, much more with empty boxes, jars, stationery items, pieces of paper… it’s crazy, I know!).

Also from Ikea’s research emerged that 40% of people admit to live with objects that they hate, but which they can not get rid of because they do not belong to them. 49% of people say that the main cause of contrasts at home is due to the different sensitivity to disorder. And here I have to add that my husband is VERY understanding.

The new Ikea campaign “Get back your space” is very funny and if we talk about the closet, this time it’s my turn to be the victim. Filippo certainly has more clothes than me!

“Tell us about the injustices you suffer. We will help you”
Once again Ikea’s marketing irony wins!