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Spring is finally here.
No matter if you have a large garden or a micro balcony, every outdoor space is welcome and you can do a lot enjoying the summer season.

Ikea helps us with a summer collection that will take us on holiday even while staying in the city.

Tables and outdoor furniture, tablecloths and table accessories, lamps, cushions, rugs and pot holders. These are my favorite new products:

Sötholmen cushions € 15: Have you seen this outdoor sofa? Havsten is modular: allows you to choose the number of seats.

The table with perforated top Krokholmen (ø cm 73, € 34.99) makes me immediately feel like “cross-stitch” decorations. It could be a fun idea to hack it!

I love the Sommar table collection!
In my wishlist there is also the Mastholmen coffee table (€ 45 Ø 42 cm, h 45 cm):

12 outdoor led lights Solvinden €34,99, solar energy lamps Solvinden, from h cm 25, €6,99, deckchair Mysingsö €24,99, rug Sommar 2018, €4,99, watering can Socker €4,99, black lantern Sommar 2018 €22,99, hanging pot €12,99, picnic basket €14,99, cushions €6,99 cad., solar lantern €15,99, beach towel €12,99, cups €2,50/€3,99, light blue lamps €4,99, Havsten harmchair €249, stripe cushion €4,99, blue cushion €15, yellow led solar lantern Solvinden €14,99, vase holder €14,99.

Last news: the Själland series allows you to create the outdoor table you want, just choose the structure of the table, combine it with the glass, wood or aluminum top!