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They look like wall decorations and instead they are much more: the Beo Sound Shape by Bang & Olufsen brings together more functions, when it’s turned on, it is a wireless speaker system with perfect acoustics, when it’s switched off, absorbs indoor noises and is a real wall decoration!

Bang & Olufsen is certainly a guarantee of quality without forgetting aesthetics! It is a wall bluetooth system where you can choose your own configuration mixing colors and materials.

On the Bang & Olufsen website you will find a configurator that will allow you to play with shapes, colors and materials also thanks to the collaboration with Kvadrat, a textile company with wonderful fabrics and colors. You can choose whether to create a monochromatic composition or mixing different shades of colors.

Based on individual hexagonal tiles the BeoSound Shape design can go from six to practically an unlimited number of tiles in one set-up.

When it is switch off it is not only beautiful and decorates the room, but also absorbs noises! When it’s switched on it is practically magical: the ‘Band on the wall’ effect produces a sound experience as if the band was literally placed up against the wall doing a live performance allowing the audience to move freely around a room.

You can use the system from your mobile device via streaming technologies such as AirPlay, Chromecast or Bluetooth.

If you are already choosing colors, calm down and take it easy… the price of the BeoSound Shape depends on the size, acoustical performance, and fabric choice, we are talking about 2000 euros for a standard setup, and up…