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TV is often an unsightly object, it can be super flat, minimal, with white frame, very thin, hanging on the wall but the fact is that (when turned off) is a black rectangle.
I notice it every time I try to photograph my living room. It’s okay until the TV comes out like a nice black hole.

Wandering around the world wide web I discovered The Frame by Samsung, a TV that pretends to be a painting. It’s incredible! When it’s turned on is a normal TV (of course, with an incredible resolution, called UHD 4K, they say it has a number of pixels four times higher than the Full HD format) but when it’s turned off is at its best!

When it’s switched off, it becomes a true work of art. It can reproduce paintings or photographs, it has a selection of pre-loaded artworks by world-renowned artists. There is also the Art Store with a wide range of works that can be downloaded at any time.

When light will lower the screen will automatically reduce its brightness by pretending not to be a screen!

You can hang it against the wall just like a painting, no cables, no distance from the wall, you choose the color of the frame – dark brown, beige and white – and you can change it easily because it is magnetic.

There is more: the TV recognizes who enters the room and shows the work of art set. If you love Kandinsky but your husband prefers Caravaggio? No problem, when you will be in the room it will show your favorite picture when there will be him, his. And if you are together? You have just to indicate who has priority … women always have priority, isn’t it?!

This thing of paintings that change depending on who enters the room was a legend that years and years ago I heard about the Bill Gates’ house. It seemed like science fiction to me, but now it’s reality and not only if you’re a millionaire! … Are you wondering how much The Frame costs? 43” 999 euros. Of course, it’s not cheap but it is an incredible object!