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Pastel colors and 80s patterns for the Ikea’s news of the month. Find everything already in stores.

The biggest news

Ikea now has showers too! Complete shower sets and smaller kits (starting from Vallamosse, starting from €19,99). Now the Swedish company really offers everything for the bathroom (only the toilets are missing!).

The news that I like most

I love new wall and table clocks! Panorera wall clock (from € 14.99) has an acoustic sensor which lights up when you clap your hands. Stolpa table clock in yellow has an outer ring that lights up for a few seconds when you touch it, perfect on the nightstand (€ 14.99).

New kitchen accessory

Beautiful new Förädla (€19,99) in brass and white porcelain with removable and adjustable trays, perfect for everything you want to bring to the table!

New lamps

For adults but also for kids rooms. Krux is a super fun lamp with animal ears and it comes in the wall version and also as a table lamp (€29,99).

News for kids rooms

Among the news that Ikea presents this month there is a big focus on kids rooms with furniture and accessories at very low prices: the Sogul series with cot (€89,99), changing table (€59,99) and wardrobe (€99) but also mattresses for cots and cribs (from €19.99), towels, duvet covers, blanket and changing mat (Klämmig from €5.99).

New modular sofa

Kungshamn is a series of modular seating that allows you to create solutions of any shape and size (from €89).

“I wanted to make a sofa that could reflect the way we live today. Everything changes so quickly and houses are often small. With these elements you can create exactly the solution you want and modify it whenever you want.” Mikael Axelsson, Ikea designer

Beautiful and useful coffee tables

There are tables “nest” Granboda perfect for small spaces because they disappear one under the other and the smaller table also has higher edges to keep small objects and remote controls! (set of 3 tables € 59.99). And there’s Burvik, the coffee table “with the handle” designed to be moved anywhere with a simple gesture (€29,99 available in three colors: wood, red and black).

“The Burvik coffee table is made to be moved easily. When I designed it, I was inspired by the elements that characterize our lives and our homes today. I wanted to make a piece of furniture that was easy to lift and take with you, that could be used for many different activities.” Mikael Axelsson, Ikea designer

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