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Merci is one of the most famous stores in Paris, a concept store where you can find everything, from design items to books, furniture, kitchen accessories and obviously fashion!

At 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais at the entrance, you will find a vintage colored Fiat 500 to welcome you, it has been red, yellow and now it becomes pink!

For the Paris fashion week, Merci wears a very special total pink look. A transparent bubble introduces visitors to the Merci en Rose, you can see the installation in the store until 10 March.

Baby pink, rose quartz, millenial pink… I’m happy to tell you that we will not say goodbay to pink shades soon, let’s face it, they perfectly match with every colors!
They light up dark tones, soften the fluo colors, make the most classic nuance more modern… pink is never boring!
I’m a kind of pink expert!

Not to be missed: have a coffee (café au lait, ça va sans dire) in the beautiful library/café in the inner courtyard of the store!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know that legend says that Paris was founded on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 1400? The city of lovers had its destiny written from day one!