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Are you looking for an easy tour for this Fuorisalone? Corso Venezia is for you!

Start from Caselli Daziari of Porta Venezia, the Western one is exceptionally open and is transformed into an exhibition space.fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-1

Then continue along Corso Venezia and enter without hesitation where you spot Interni flags. This is an excellent opportunity to visit the beautiful neoclassical palaces in the area, discover courtyards, secret gardens and admire amazing installations.

Contemporary design and antique spaces is always a win-win to me, they are so beautiful together!

What you can’t miss:

Louis Vuitton “Objets Nomades”
Palazzo Bocconi, corso Venezia 48fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-2 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-3 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-4 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-5 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-6 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-7

Elle Decor concept store
Palazzo Bovara, corso Venezia 51

Until April 28fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-8

Pass by the Milanese flamingos of Villa Invernizzi (via Cappuccini 1) and a have a stop in Villa Necchi, you can have a coffee break here if you like!

Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano, Wonderglass
Via Vivaio 7fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-11

Palazzo Isimbardi, “Inspired in Barcelona: in & out”
Corso Monforte 35fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-12

COS x Studio Swine
via Pietro Mascagni 8

Amazing installation: a tree of smoke bubbles, you will be provided of blacks gloves with which you can touch the bubbles before they burst into white clouds of perfume!
fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-13 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-14

Galleria Fragile, via San Damiano 2fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-15 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-16

Caesarstones, Palazzo Serbelloni
Corso Venezia 16fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-17 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-18

Audi City Lab, cortile del Seminario Arcivescovile di San Carlo
Corso Venezia 11fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-20

Doppia Firma, GAM Galleria d’Arte Moderna
via Palestro 16fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-21 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-22


Giardino delle Arti, via Palestro 8

Do you remember Missing Summer chair? You can see it here in a new version inspired by the ocean!
In the garden you can also taste a great selection of bread, special coffee and herbal tea.fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-23 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-24 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-26fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-25

Formafantasma “Foundation”
Spazio Krizia, via Manin 21fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-27 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-28

Tom Dixon show + Ikea Film Festival
Teatro Manzoni, via Manzoni 42

p.s.: from here you can catch the free shuttle bus to Ventura Lambrate – Festival Ikea!fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-29 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-30fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-19

Just across the street, do not miss the Palazzo Borromeo d’Adda (Via Manzoni 41) you’ll find an amazing courtyard with wonderful wisteria in bloom and the garden (usually off-limits!) where you can relax in the temporary café!
fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-31 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-32 fuorisalone-design-week-2017-porta-venezia-33

Buon Fuorisalone!


Milano Design Week