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Aiming to offer always more authentic, personal and custom-made travel experiences, Airbnb celebrating its 10th birthday, announces the launch of 4 new types of accommodation, new categories, the new Airbnb Collections service and a new membership program for those who use the platform.

10 years ago, the founders of Airbnb, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, put three inflatable mattresses in their apartment in San Francisco giving life to what has become a real phenomenon that has changed the way we travel globally.
With 4.5 million homes distributed in 81,000 cities, Airbnb makes hosts earn over $ 41 billion over 10 years.

10 years ago we would never have imagined that Airbnb could become all this. Back then, people thought that exchanging homes between strangers was insane. Today, millions of people do it every day. Brian Chesky

Traveling staying in houses rather than in hotels allows you to make more original and local experiences. For example, we have just returned from Lanzarote where we chose to rent a beautiful house, immersed in the volcanic landscape in the wine area of the island rather than stay in a hotel accommodation. On my Instagram profile, you can find “Lanzarote” (with photos and videos of the house too) among my stories in evidence.

Airbnb announches 4 new types of accommodation

Over the years, the types of accommodation on the platform become more and more diversified and now in addition to house types already existing – Entire House, Private Room and Shared RoomAirbnb launches Holiday Homes, Unique Accommodation, B&B and Boutique Hotel to increase the choice for guests.

You will be able to discover the accommodation by navigating in the 7 categories starting from this Summer.

Airbnb in Los Angeles

Airbnb in Melbourne

Airbnb in Milan

Airbnb in San Francisco

New categories: Airbnb Plus and Airbnb Beyond

To expand the offer, Airbnb has also presented two new categories of houses, personally verified one by one, according to criteria of quality and comfort. With 2000 houses in 13 cities ready to be booked, Airbnb Plus is designed for guests looking for beautiful homes, exceptional hosts.
To be into this category, accommodation and owners must follow a list of 100 requirements including cleanliness, comfort and design. Homes in this category will have greater visibility within the platform and exclusive services such as interior design consultancy and photography experts.

Airbnb Beyond is a luxurious version of the Airbnb services: starting from this Spring, the platform will offer exclusive travel experiences in the most beautiful houses in the world, offering the hospitality of the highest level.

Today those who travel using Airbnb do not do it to save money but to make an original experience.

Airbnb in Cape Town

Airbnb in Rome

Airbnb in Shangai

Airbnb in Sidney

Airbnb Collections

Last week Airbnb launched Airbnb for Families and Airbnb for Work, while during the year the platform will also host Social, Wedding, Honeymoon, Between Friends and Dinners.

Airbnb in Austin

Airbnb in Chicago

Airbnb in Londra

The offer is diversifying more and more, finding the perfect home will be easier!