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Are you going in Croatia? Do you know that you can count on Uber even for boat trips?

Of course old fishermen and boat riders are still the best choice to discover hidden coves and secret beaches but now you have a new tool: Uber has launched “UberBoat“. It works like with cars: you download the app and book a boat with a driver. Boat service is definitely more expensive than city rates. There are fixed fare: 352€ for up to 8 passengers and 440€  up to 12, not cheap but if you are with a group of friends, sharing the expense may become interesting.

UberBoat already exists in Miami and Dubai (maybe this already defines the medium-high target the service is targeting) and Croatia is the first test in the Mediterranean. The choice is definitely worth it because the Croatian coast has 1,244 islands and everyone will tell you that the best way to visit them is definitely by boat (best choice ever: sail boat)!
Uber boat