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Preparing and baking bread is an ancient gesture full of meaning and positivity. In old times the oven was a common place shared by villages and communities. Now in Milan there is a place to return to this kind of sharing experience.

Forno collettivo is a new place in via Lecco 15 (Corso Buenos Aires area) where is possible bake your own bread, as well as buy it.
The idea is by Davide Martelli and Alessandro Longhin, creators of the cocktail bar Botanical Club (Isola area and Tortona).

The bread is the core of this new place that is not just a bakery but also a place to eat from breakfast to dinner.
Good bread tasting good wine, the perfect match!

Starting from October it will be possible to bring home-made bread and bake it in the oven with the advice of professional bakers (on the website there will be info soon). A nice way to meet new people and exchange recipes!

Photo Forno Collettivo