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We spend every day a lot of hours at the computer. Have you ever wondered what’s on the keyboard you touch all day?

The web is full of article about how much a keyboard can be dirtier than a toilet. According to a study of the Arizona University, a computer hosts 400 times more bacteria than a bathroom. They estimated that the keyboard can have 3,295 microbes every 6.4 square centimeters, the mouse 1,676 while wc has only 49 microbes.
Be very careful to clean the keyboard, mouse and screen frequently.

Eating at the computer is not only unhealthy but it “feeds” germs and help them proliferate. In fact, we are not talking about simple dirt but have been identified real bacteria among which there are bacilli and cocci that can even bring diseases!

Now that you are looking horrified at your keyboard I have one last news for you: do you know how many bacteria there may be on your phone right now? According to the study of the University of Arizona 25.127 !!