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The most iconic buildings in the world turned into pins to wear!

Attention architecture enthusiasts, with this blog post I could tempt you into starting a new collection.

They were looking for a pin to bring home as a travel memory but they couldn’t find any architecture pin so why not create them themselves?

Drop a Pin are architects from Tel Aviv – the creators of these beautiful pins want to keep the mystery and remain anonymous – the adventure began with a crowdfunding on Indiegogo. They asked for $ 600 and they raised $ 5,406!

The first pins are for sale on Indiegogo and in the coming days other new buildings will also be online. They cost 11 euros but now they are on sale at 9!

Thanks to their pins you can have a world tour and a history of architecture review. I really like that they don’t openly declare the subject of the pin but just indicate the geographical coordinates. A nice rebus for architecture enthusiast!

34°01’48.2″N 118°31’09.8″W geographical coordinates of the Eames House in Los Angeles

48°55’28”N 2°1’42”E – Villa Savoy, Poissy, Paris

35°39’56.20”N 139°45’48.20”E – Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo

41°53’55”N 12°28’37”E – Pantheon, Rome. Unique Italian building… but just for the moment!

I asked them how they started and they told me that initially they didn’t even think of selling them, they wanted to do pins for them, then the success was such a things that the project evolved along the way!
The first pin? They didn’t want to reveal it to me (these Drop a Pin are very mysterious!) but they told me that in the end they weren’t happy with it and so it’s not among those photographed on Instagram or for sale.
Next destination for new pins? Italy! Of course I’ve already gave them tons of ideas 😉

32.8812°N117.2375°W – Geisel Library, San Diego

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Notre Dame, Paris

LEGO House, Billund, Denmark

Do you know the Lego House? Don’t miss the Netflix serie!

The cardboard cathedral of Christchurch, New Zealand

Here I tell you more about the cardboard cathedral built by the architect Shigeru Ban after the Christchurch earthquake.

Guggenheim Museum di Frank Lloyd Wright, New York


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