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Finding clients that let you create and imagine what you want must be the dream of every designer. This is what happened to the designer Adam Nathaniel Furman. Based in London but with Argentine, Japanese and Israeli heritage, Adam was able to let his imagination run free when the Japanese couple who owned this apartment in Tokyo asked him to design their home.

They were not afraid of colors or of leaving the designer the freedom to use unusual materials and combinations.

It is certainly a peculiar Japanese apartment even for the square footage, in Tokyo where mini-mini houses are really popular, this house is 160 square meters, has three rooms and two bathrooms.

Adam Nathaniel Furman has created an entire world here, I imagine how it can be open the door and step into colours!
He create a perfect mix of pastel colours, natural and artificial materials, contemporary techniques combined with traditional craftmanship.
All the senses are inspired, surfaces are covered with the most various materials: wood, marble, mosaic, ceramic, nylon, vinyl… I love the mix between “high” and “low”. As in fashion, I believe that in furnishing we must work to have an original and unusual result, be able to combine important pieces, precious materials with low cost furnishings or accessories. Looking for the balance between the two worlds creates the perfect atmosphere without remaining in the luxury niche (sometimes very cold and impersonal) or risk the homologation of large retail chains.

Color is certainly not everyone cup of tea, but in this apartment there are many solutions from which we can undeniably take inspiration. You can be a fanatic of the total white or from the #monocolor team but you have to admit that the space is designed for everyday life, capacious cabinets, storage spaces…
Here are my 6 favorite inspirations:

Material walls

Not just color, not just wallpaper. On the walls there is a colored fabric that defines an optical and material boiserie.


Mini bathrooms but designed with attention for every detail! Have you noticed taps and drain covers (plugs)?

Beautiful furniture even inside

As Olivetti wanted his calculators to be beautiful on the inside beyond the outside, so these furniture too have contrasting colors interiors to amaze you even by opening a door!

Doors like paintings

How do we usually think of doors? Browns, white if we are lucky… But have you ever  imagined them so colorful? They become like super decorative paintings!

Define spaces using colors

Painted boiseries, coloured floors to divide the space (have you noticed the curve between the kitchen floor and the living room?)… In this interior there are many colors but they are chosen in perfect harmony.

Unique spaces

Keep homogeneity between colors or furnishings is the key. Choosing different colors keeping homogeneous furnishings helps you to maintain a tidy effect, if every room have different furnishings, different styles and even a mix of colors the result would create chaos. We must choose which homogeneity to keep.

Photo Jan Vranovsky / Adam Nathaniel Furman