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There are global trends that spread all over the world including all categories: from fashion to interior design influencing tastes and hitting transversally every area of life.

Terracotta color is one of the latest trends, the most durable and which continues to be very successful.

Zanotta. Styling/foto Studio Salaris

It all started with the Marsala, Pantone color of 2015. At first it was greeted with skepticism but then it became a more and more warm nuance, more beige or orange and then it became terracotta.
Dusty and mat colors that led to Heart Wood, the color AkzoNobel/Sikkens 2018, a warm and chic shade of pink.

Terracotta shades trend will continue in 2019. The AkzoNobel/Sikkens color of the year 2019 is Spiced Honey, a warm and welcoming brown that is perfect with neutral colors, pastel and even with the brightest ones.

AkzoNobel/Sikkens Spiced Honey

An infinite amount of research and analysis occur to declare the color of the year. They must anticipate needs and trends. It’s called trend forecasting, like the weather forecast, but of fashions and trends.

The experts of the Global Aesthetic Center, the research center of AkzoNobel / Sikkens, have motivated the choice of Spiced Honey as the right color in a moment of renewed sense of energy, optimism and purpose. This new shade if used in interiors, AkzoNobel/Sikkens is a paint company, creates cozy, restful and positive atmosphere.

Normann Copenhagen

Nya Nordiska

It’s really impressive how the terracotta trend is so recognizable in so many areas of interest, from fashion to furniture, from luxury to more democratic brands, including the new Ikea and H&M catalogs.




Mini & Stil


Terracotta color has a huge impact: it has become a real trend even on Instagram!

Many profiles all over the world that have chosen to turn their feeds into terracotta shades with wonderful results, perfect for the Autumn cozy vibes!

Does the terracotta trend seduce you too?