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After nearly two years of restoration, the Le Corbusier Pavilion re-opens in the Zurich park. The building, inaugurated in 1967, is the last project of Le Corbusier.

Zurich is 3 hours and a half drive from Milan, the perfect destination for a weekend on the lake! Among beautiful shops – here you will find my 9 favorite shops in Zurich – fountains, cafes, art and architecture (at the Fraumünster church you will find Chagall windows!), beautiful squares and gardens.

The Le Corbusier Pavilion is located within the park on the Lake Zurich. 600 square meters of glass, concrete and steel covered with color: large backgrounds yellow, red and green that make you immediately think about Mondrian.
The building was built for Heidi Weber, a Zurich gallery owner, to be used as an art space.

Today the Le Corbusier Pavilion is a museum, you can visit it and admire its architecture and art. Until November it will host the exhibition “Mon Univers” that explores Le Corbusier’s collecting passion with original pieces including photos, videos, ceramics, furniture and paintings.


Photo credit © ZHdK / © Georg Aerni