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A tiny walk-in closet in the bedroom: what a dream! I loved it since the first time I saw it!
It is a small space behind the load-bearing wall of the bedroom. Thick walls and very high ceiling.

This small walk-in closet release us from having a wardrobe in the bedroom or at least since we’ll need more space.

The first thing to do was equip it. We chose the simplest system: rack rails with shelves and supports.
The walk-in closet measures cm 100×320, we chose shelves with a depth of 30 cm, the perfect size for sweaters, T-shirts and folded clothes and on the short side, supports of 50 cm depth for hanging shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses and trousers.

Before our home renovation, the walk-in closet was open, in view. I decided to give it some bold effect with a wallpaper. After nights of crazy research on the website wallpaperfromthe70s.com I chose a fashion wallpaper with black figurines on a white background.

After almost 8 years I was sick viewing everyday my clothes on the shelves even if I tried hard to keep neat piles. We finally decided to close the walk-in closet with a door.

We could choose some curtains or a custom sliding door or swing door. I wanted an invisible and tidy solution, so I chose a flush door, without a frame, the perfect solution for me!
The door was painted in the color of the wall and we also added the skirting board to camouflage it completely.
No handle but a push-pull opening system, a little push is enough to open the door!

My walk-in closet needs just a final touch… after 8 years I’m tired of my wallpaper with black and white figures and so I’m looking for a new wallpaper that gives character to the walk-in closet.
These are my 5 favorite. I would like to continue with the botanical theme and the sage green shades of the bedroom.
I don’t know if could be better a botanical wallpaper with flowers or leaves or something else, maybe in a different color like pink, the perfect match with the sage green.

Magnolia: Yasmin: Pandero:Pazia: Inola:

What do you think? Leave me your suggestion down here in the comments!