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We celebrated when the first H&M store opened in Italy with the home department, today there are four H&M home in Italy, all concentrated in northern Italy: Arese (MI), Orio al Serio (BG), Roncadelle (BS) and Verona.

Last week I went to Arese, my mission was wild shopping at H&M Home!
As soon as I entered, I realized it would be very hard because there were exactly the colors I’m looking for: pink, black, brass and sage green.

After a first moment of loss I decided to focus on the accessories for the kitchen and the living room and then I dip in pink, black and brass details.

Here’s what I bought: pink and blue velvet cushions, one with botanical decorations and birds that has the perfect velvet tones, a pink plaid for the sofa, a pink linen tablecloth, brass trays, black wood chopping board, black salad cutlery, black tea towels and napkins… it was really fun!1. Bamboo tray €9,99 2. Ceramic jug €19,99 3. Salad cutlery €12,99 4. Wooden plate €19,99 5. Teapot €14,99 6. Tablecloth €14,99 7. Cups €14,99 8. Basket €14,99 9. Ceramic bowl €19,99 10. Vase holder €24,99 11. Cutting board €14,99 12. Basket €12,99 13. Velvet cushion €7,99 14. Velvet cushion €7,99 15. Wooden fork and spoon €7,99 cad.

I did not take everything I wanted, I want to start with these purchases and then mixing with other brands and other things. I do not want to regret being in a hurry.
I give you an advice: before shopping in the store, look carefully at the site, you may find different things and more choice (such as the size of the pillows!).