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My dream: travel visiting the most iconic architectures. This is the idea from the “travel” side of Gucki was born, travels with design and architecture connections (we’re working on it!).
One of my 1,586 projects: take a census of all the iconic places of architecture. Of the entire world, of course. When you make projects, better make them big!

Speaking of architecture we cannot mention one of the great Masters: Frank Lloyd Wright! In the United States it is still possible to see and visit many of his projects.
A couple of Summer ago with my husband, another super architecture enthusiastic – do you already know that we went to Brasilia in a sort of Oscar Niemeyer pilgrimage?! – I was saying… a few years ago we were on the East Coast of the United States, in a road trip from Boston to Chicago, following the footsteps of the Founding Fathers of Modernism and the giants of architecture (and of the Pilgrim Fathers too!). A stupendous journey that led us to see so many works by Frank Lloyd Wright, from his first home in Oak Park (Chicago), the masterpieces of the Prairie House, the Robin House, to the One, the Falling Water House (Pennsylvania).

Falling Water is not “near” anything. You have to go there on purpose and it worths every single kilometer! With 50 years of activity, in the United States there are plenty of Wright buildings, from the East to the West coast (don’t miss his Maya-style houses in Los Angeles!).
But if you want to see something by Wright in person, there is a building that is among the most visited, easy to reach and most iconic: the Guggenheim Museum in New York!

Frank Lloyd Wright is so important to the history of architecture that eight – EIGHT – of his buildings are into the UNESCO World Heritage Site registry!

Home Advisor has created this beautiful map of Wright’s (residential) places, now I’m starting to check how many I’ve seen in person and those I want to visit next!


Map and drawings by Home Advisor