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Space never seems to be enough at home. To take advantage of every inch available we asked the carpenter to make a made to measure fitted wardrobe for jackets and shoes and where to have some other very precious container space.

We chose to have it made to measure to take advantage of the full-height wall and because we don’t have much depth available: the wall is 270 cm high and the maximum depth could only be 25 cm.

To take advantage of the entire space and make it cheaper, the carpenter suggested to not make the back. In this way you’ld see the exposed wall inside the wardrobe.

After a very short time, however, I started to notice how the wall got dirty easily, how to do it? I could have painted it in a dark color, the dirt would have been less noticeable but I decided to choose a solution that could also be decorative and so I came up with the idea of covering it with wallpaper!

Thanks to Federica of Decochic.it I could try peel and stick removable wallpaper. You can buy it online, no rolls, no leftovers, you can buy just the exact measure you need. It is also easily removable without damaging the wall. I chose a floral wallpaper, in palettes with house colors, with dusty blue and pink. I liked the idea of staying in the same color palette of the house.

It was really simple do it, I did it alone, without bubbles or wrinkles. You can attach and detach it how many times you want looking for the perfect position.

I love the result! These flowers added a touch of décor that makes also the interior of the wardrobe beautiful!


Blog post in collaboration with Decochic.it