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Nowadays when something is broken we throw it away. And if we can fix it? Fixing is a kind of a way of life and Sugru will help us to fix quite everything!

The Times put it in the 50 best inventions of the year 2010, it’s a modeling glue that sticks anything to anything: it’s strong and flexiball, cold and heat resistent, sticky but removable, water resistent, for indoor and outdoor uses, shock absorbing. Stick it, shape it and in 24 hours it turns into a strong and flexible rubber!

many_mugs copysugru Sugru-DIY-Toothbrush-Holder

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Sugru is now a real community of fixing lovers!
It was invented by Jane during an experiment with silicone polymer and waste wood dust. Read the Sugru story,  Jane told it as it was, without omit bad parts and the effort! It teaches us that we have to believe in ourselves and in our projects even if no one does it! Jane invented Sugru in 2003 but it really started to show its potential after 6 years of hard work! Not everything it’s easy, you have to work hard for it. Thank you Jane, you’ve really inspired me!sugru-story

You can buy Sugru on-line starting from € 8,99 (they ship worldwide) and even create your own shade of color!sugru-colori