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St. John the Baptist is celebrated on June 23, an ancient feast full of pagan beliefs and rituals.

5 beliefs and traditions of St. John’s magic night you have to know for good luck, fertility and abundance:

This is the night in which witches gather for their annual sabba: in ancient time they used to put rosemary, a blessed olive branch, a bit of salt or a broomstick out of the door to keep them away.

Bonfires: the night of St. John has always been illuminated by bonfires celebrating the light. In some countries fireworks took the place of ancient bonfires.

My favorite ritual: St. John’s flowers. You should pick up seven (or nine) aromatic herbs and flowers, put them in a bowl with water and leave them out all night. The flowers will gather the dew and tomorrow morning you will bath with this “blessed” water for good luck and fertility.
What are the herbs and flowers to collect? Certainly the hypericum, also known as St. John’s wort, but also artemisia (devil’s belt) for fertility, rue, mint, rosemary, parsley, garlic and lavender.

fiori san giovanni

Hypericum, artemisia and rue flowers.

The dew of the St. John’s night is magical and propititory: collect it with a piece of fabric or walk through the grass in the early morning… it will be a great way to start the weekend!

Money: keep a fern leaf in your pocket or at home, it will bring money!


Amazing drawings by Jenny of Livingpattern

Happy St. John’s night!