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In my opinion, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, even if it is often underestimated because “I only have to sleep there”. Sleeping well is very important and it is important as well creating an environment that helps us to relax.

The bedroom is the place where we start our days, the first thing we see when we open our eyes, and it is also the place where our busy days end, where we have to rest and recharge our energy.

After 5 years living in this house, I realized that I don’t like anymore our room, it does not make me feel good. My need for a makeover started right from this room.
The rétro wallpaper in mustard yellow has bored me (I really get tired of it after just a very short time but I could not admit it to my husband with whom I had to fight for have it…), if you are wondering how I could choose it? In my defense, I can say that within 8 months we decided to get married (after 7 years we were together eh, it was not really a rushed decision!), organized the wedding, bought and furnished the house.

The room is in the attic, too big and with few furniture, actually we only have one drawer. I would have wanted the wooden beams in white from the first day but for reasons of time and budget we have postponed the painting work. The walk-in closet space does not have a door yet… it’s time to “finish” the room, make it complete.
Because there is always the risk of saying “let’s start taking what is necessary, then later we will finish”… last famous words, 5 years later we have not even understood how to finish this room! It’s time to change everything!

I’ve already told you about my inspirations that fill my Pinterest boards, but now, after months of thoughts, it’s time for the action.

Well, we won’t change really everything, the bed and the dresser will remain but they will be mixed and re-matched, I am sure that they will look different too!

Here I am playing with colors, fabrics, paints and new wallpapers. But the urgency to sleep well could not wait for the relooking and so we decided to think first of all about the quality of sleep by changing duvet and pillows.

Filippo and I have totally different body temperatures, it’s as if I’m always in Alaska and he’s in the Tropics. You can easily imagine our argument about too hot/cold. How to do? We solved all our doubts when we discovered Tediber, no different types, there is only one model. The natural feathers (guaranteed in respect of the geese) allow the right heat exchange to maintain the best temperature for those who sleep.

Another problem with the pillow: I was always waking up with a stiff neck. Which pillow choose? High, low, soft, hard, for the cervical… how can I choose? Tediber’s team help me again: a single model that changes according to your weight and position.

I took the opportunity to ask Tediber directly for some advice to sleep well, here’s what they answered:

Sleeping well is important and necessary as eating well. That’s why we really need to take care of our sleep in order to spend incredible days in full shape and perfectly rested.
Secondly, it is really important to invest in a good bed system (mattress + pillows + bed structure), and this regardless of the brand you choose. The fact remains that trusting your instincts in 15 minutes in the store is not always indicative of what we will experience once you lie down on our mattress for the following 10 years. That’s why it’s important to make a conscious choice based on a real test (Tediber allows you 100 nights of testing before deciding whether to keep it!).
A good before-bed-ritual is essential for a good night’s sleep. Lights, colors, fragrances, everyone is free to find the one that suits you and allows you to fall asleep peacefully removing the stress of the day!

In addition to duvets and pillows, Tediber also produces mattresses. How did you create an only model of mattress that suits everyone?

Buying a mattress nowadays is a real nightmare. Millions of models, myriads of different prices! At Tediber we wanted to make easier the choice creating a unique model of the highest quality sold at the right price all year round.
To do this we decided to invest a lot in the quality of the materials and cutting all the superficial costs. In fact, we only sell online without intermediaries.
Our mattresses are produced in Belgium, a leading Country for the production of high quality mattresses, with a combination of the three best technologies currently available on the market (latex, Memory Foam and high resilience foam). Thanks to this composition, the mattress has a soft contact and a rigid support. Its ergonomic nature allows it to follow the shape of the body and keep the spine in the correct position, avoiding back pain. Here’s how, after numerous tests, a single model of mattresses can suit everyone. Here is also explained why we can afford to propose the 100-night trial!
For cushions and duvet, we chose the best products on the market that could meet the needs of comfort and practicality. Cutting all the superficial costs we can concentrate on quality and propose excellent products at a fair price all year round. In addition, to be sure of being able to really create an incredible pillow we sent the prototype to 400 people who tested it and gave us feedback that allowed us to optimize it and make it truly perfect!

Now that I sleep much better I’m even more ready to transform the whole room, white ceiling, new wallpaper and new colors for the walls. The total white is not always the best choice, for us, it was the choice of those who were afraid to dare. Time’s up, we are ready for colors and a new bedroom!

Blogpost in collaboration wiht Tediber.