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Do you know multi-activity boards? They are a concentrate of fun for toddlers.

Activity boards are inspired by the Montessori method and collect everyday objects with which babies can have fun experimenting, discovering and touching everything in safety.

Tobia is five months now and he started touching everything, the world is a continuous discovery for him, seeing him wonder for a wooden spoon or for a music is moving!

My husband and I enjoyed making a small activity board to let him discover and enjoy new things. Making it was very simple, here is what you need:

For the board:
Wooden panel (cm 60×60)
2 small square pieces of wood (cm 15×15)
Wooden listel
Nontoxic paint

Activity ideas:
You can use whatever you find at home but certainly a ride in a hardware store will make it even more fun! You can use knobs, handles, buttons, hinges, velcro, bolts, pipes, snap hooks, paint rollers, faucets, switches, wheels, colored ribbons…

Let’s start preparing the panel. I cut it making the shape of a little house, just cutting the upper corners. Choose a non-toxic paint, I used Puro by Novacolor, a new very opaque paint totally odorless and free of volatile organic compounds, painting was very simple, I did it directly in my living room!

In order to make a not only fun for him but also aesthetically nice diy, I chose three shades of light blue, one for the panel, one for the roof and one for the windows.

We simply glued and screwed every objects to the panel, and that’s it!
With small hinges we added two windows that he can open, behind one there is a picture of us and behind the other a small mirror!
Just be careful to fasten it to the wall or use it on the ground 😉

It’s time to play, have fun!