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Classic Blue 19-4052 is Pantone color of the year 2020.

After the 2019 Living Coral, Pantone is still deep in the oceans for the color of the year 2020 choosing a very beautiful deep blue.
Someone said that the choice may have come from a reflection on the environmental emergency and the accusations received last year about coral bleaching due to the rise in the temperature of the oceans. Corals are dying becoming white and losing their characteristic bright color.

The Australian creative duo Jack+Huei even proposed a collection of signatures to make Bleached Coral color of the year 2020.

Color of the year 2020 is dark and deep blue (but not Ocean Depht, another Pantone color). A great classic that will allow simple combinations but that will also amaze us with pop combinations, hints of colors and patterns.

Blue is a “comfort zone” color, it doesn’t dare too much, welcomes, is familiar, gives security, with it you can not go wrong. Definitely perfect and already widely used in fashion and interiors. It will not upset the world of furniture with pop colors but it will be the perfect foundation on which create combinations using bold, pop colors and patterns.

Photo Pantone

I’m sure Pantone was able to please everyone this year… what do you say?