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One might ask “which came first, Ikea or Ikea hacks??”, it’s a paradox but Ikea has always been an inexhaustible source of material for DIY projects. 

The hashtag #ikeahack on Instagram has 303,536+ posts. Pinterest is flooded with projects that hack Ikea objects and furnishings. Thanks to global diffusion and democratic prices, Ikea is the perfect match for DIY projects now internationally defined as “hacking”.
Ikeahackers.net is a Malaysian blog that since 2006 shares DIY projects and gathers fans from all over the world in what has now become a real community with 412,457+ followers on Facebook (85,000 on Instagram).

Screenshot from Instagram of the latest posts with the hashtag #ikeahack

Ikea initially ignored this trend, then silently approved and now is hacking itself! In fact the best Ikea-hack ideas can be found right on the Ikea website! Unfortunately the page exist only in the Swedish version of the website, but we can ask help with the translation to Google: open the link in Google Chrome and click on the top bar “Translate” (next to the little star), voilà, now you can read Swedish easily!
In the Swedish Ikea website there is the Livet Hemma section, here you will find many and beautiful DIY ideas.

Google translates “Livet Hemma” into “life at home”, in this section you will find style and furnishing tips, home tours, how to set up the table for a summer dinner, decorate the terrace, renovate the bedroom and many DIY projects to transform Ikea products into customized unique pieces!

Folding screen realized DIY using Ivar side units and rattan. You are gonna love this project and before you finish reading this post you’ll already decide to do it too!

I also want to suggest the book “99 hack” by Monica Karlstein a beautiful collection of sustainable projects to transform mass production objects into original pieces! Unfortunately it is also only in Swedish and for the paper there is not yet the “translate” button, but for DIY projects images speak much better than a thousand words, isn’t it?


Have you ever hacked an Ikea object or piece of furniture? Send me your projects to [email protected], let’s create a gallery!


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