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Ikea Catalogue. Let’s talk about a hot topic, the 2020 Ikea catalogue has raised several doubts. Someone found it less attractive than usual, not very inspiring, a little too much 1980s… what I would like to do is to offer you a consideration.

Can you imagine how much work there is behind the creation of a catalogue like this? I’m sure at Ikea they work on it a whole year and maybe more. Ikea leaves nothing to chance, I could see it with my own eyes during the Democratic Design Days where they allowed us to take a “peek” behind the scenes. We walked among the sets of the mega photo studio where all the Ikea photos for catalogues and advertising campaigns are taken, it is the largest studio in Northern Europe, 8000 square meters, where they can create inside up to 60 rooms! If you are curious, watch the stories I made in Sweden, you can find them as “Ikea DDD2019” in Instagram highlight.

Speaking of the catalogue… all this makes me say that Ikea does sociological and trend research to be able to develop ideas and trends and respond to real needs in the new catalogue.

This year they have certainly took a new path, we have already talked about the unusual choice for the cover and the catalogue theme dedicated to good sleep.

The strength of Ikea is evolution, it cannot remain the same, it must change as and before tastes and needs change while maintaining its iconic Nordic touch. I was shocked before when some years ago they went for “the dark side”

We should also notice that the catalogue is the same for the whole world. Think of what it means to gather needs and trends for the whole world!!

The houses photographed are “packed”. Yes, I would like to be minimal too, but my home is jam-packed! I want to be Nordic and minimal but welcome also to ideas and solutions to squeeze everything that at the moment I don’t know where to put!

And maybe I’m going to shock you but, maybe, what we don’t understand and we don’t like today it just haven’t yet reach our heart. The catalogue has to last a whole year, who knows if in 12 months we will all be more into 80s (please notice that the Memphis group is the icon of the 80s and their colors and patterns have never been such a trend as today! ) with flowery sofas, bold colors like red, purple, black … we’ll have time to talk more about this!

But let’s get to the catalogue. Here’s what I liked more browsing the Ikea 2020 catalogue:

Black. I think I’m in my “black period”. Black can make space smaller, but it can also add a refined touch that will not tire you. I like it with Wiener straw, light wood, pastel colors, brass details.
Beautiful new Bestå furniture doors with horizontal slats.

I love the Ulriksberg rattan armchair? €99 and the Nilsove chairs in rattan too (€79).

This is exactly my problem: where do I put my travel stroller? Light, small, very small, but where do I put it? Good idea!

Come on, now tell me you don’t want this pedestal for indoor and outdoor plants!

The Ikea catalogue is also the perfect place to find inspiration for decoration! I love this wall of tropical leaves for the kid’s bedroom! It could be realized using cardboard or fake leaves.
How nice also the bed pocket where to put the teddy bear or the goodnight book (€ 8)!

Ok I surrender on the net bags. They remain inconvenient but they are beautiful! Two for € 5.

Plastic free kitchen? No more plastic boxes but beautiful wooden boxes and metal baskets!

I love the Nissafors black steel cart (€ 30) to use in the kitchen or in the studio or on the terrace!

I am curious to see Jofrid fabrics in linen and sustainable cotton dyed with pigment derived solely from organic materials from agriculture, such as harvest remaining leaves, which are usually thrown away.

Nice idea the bed headboard with container! Divide and act as a closet!
Other smart ideas for clothes: beautiful colored coat stand (€ 45) or floor mirror that hides a hanger… in Italy we say “eye does not see, heart does not hurt!”

And Sonos of course. The speakers made in collaboration with Sonos are finally on sale! You can use it also as a shelf or choose it incorporated in the lamp!

And you? What are your thoughts about the new Ikea catalogue? Do you already have a wish list?