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Browsing the Ikea catalogue is now a September tradition.

Vacations bring always good intentions also about home interior and we can always find so many ideas and inspirations through the pages of the Ikea catalogue. We promise ourselves to be more tidy, we dream about more space and Ikea give us hope and ideas to use every inch we have and convinces us that it is actually possible to make space where we don’t think we have any.

This year the new Ikea catalogue is a bit different, starting right from the cover: there is not an interior with a daily moment of happiness in a living room or in a kitchen, there is a very close shot of a bed, white and soft, in which a girl with very short hair sleeps.This photo says a lot without showing anything. The girl is not the protagonist of the photo, her nose, forehead, mouth and eyes are even cut off from the framing. She is alone but the pillow next to her has the marks of someone who has got up and left a heart on a ripped sheet. The protagonist of the photo is absolutely the bed and the love of the couple who share it.
The whole context out of the main framing is also revealed in the catalog…

More than just a catalogue of products, it almost seems like browsing a magazine with lots of sections, services, “shopping” pages and even “advertising”. Yes, single pages with furniture and objects shot on colorful backgrounds and even very funny claims! Notice the details in the photos too… toe socks, hairless cats, “weird” mirrors reflection… very fun!

The theme of the new Ikea catalogue reflects the need to slow down and find the right balance between work, private life and rest.

Sleep has a regenerating power and sleeping well must be central to our life.
Ikea offers us a sort of manual of “good sleep” with suggestions that involve the bedroom at 360°: light, sounds, fabrics, furnishings, mattresses… everything designed for maximum comfort.

There are wireless curtains that can be controlled by remote control that allow you to manage natural light – so dear to the Nordics and the best one to protect the natural sleep cycle! – directly from the bed; bed linen (the duvet cover on the catalogue cover is beautiful, a white cloud trimmed in black!) but also rugs and decorative fabrics.
Textiles can be very useful for soften noises!
Sounds: the new Symfonisk audio system developed in collaboration with Sonos and presented at the Fuorisalone 2019 is finally on sale and guarantees exceptional sound quality! They are not simple wi-fi speakers, they are complete audio systems that can be managed remotely!
And of course there are mattresses, pillows and beds: in the catalogue we find new models, padded headboards, functional under bed storages… 

Translated into 33 languages, published in 48 markets, in 2019 the Ikea catalogue was received by 255 million people, becoming the most popular publication in the world!

Ikea has announced that this year the catalog will not be sent at homes. A green choice to avoid waste announced in the ironic and fun way that Ikea has get used us to.

Some people, however, are receiving it, someone says that they send it only to those who have the Ikea Family card… I have it but I have not received the catalogue yet (I stole it from my mother-in-law). Mysteries. Anyway, you can find the catalog available in Ikea stores or you can browse it easily online!

Next week we are going to speak about what I like best, ideas to copy, inspirations and colors, see you in a few days with a blog post entirely dedicated to these!