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Details are everything! When you set the table, even for a quick meal, don’t forget to add a flower or something can cheer it up. Today I’m gonna show you a very funny table set!

Buru Buru, on-line shop about design and home décor, and Bitossi Home (I’ve already showed you my ceramics) invited me to join the project #aggiungiunpostatavola and tell more about me decorating plates and setting the table. What can I say more about myself?
I’m showing my sarcastic and ironic side: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! I mean, when something is not going how it was supposed to, change your point of view and do not forget to smile!

The table today is crowdy with lemons and colored dishes. Enough with boring plates, don’t be afraid to use them unpaired, mix and match will add fun and color to your table!



Create your own centrepiece: look around you can use barely everything (I already tell you about this here). I had fun with lemons, olive tree branches and succulents. Flowers are always a good idea: this time I chose some hydrangea flowers that at this time of the year change their color into beautiful red and green shades.piatti-bitossi-buru-buru




piatti-bitossi-buru-buru-3 piatti-bitossi-buru-buru-apparecchiare

piatti-bitossi-buru-buru-2 piatti-bitossi-buru-buru-6


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… here there is the recipe for the perfect lemonade: 5 lemons, 200 gr sugar, 500 ml water. Do you know which is the secret? Sugar syrup! Stir the sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved, than allow the syrup to cool completely and add lemon juice. Et voilà!

Have you noticed the amazing black&white geometric rug? It’s Beija Flor, I’m going to tell you more about it very soon!