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Here we are, the Amara Interior Blog Awards night is almost here! On Thursday I will be in London at the beautiful Ham Yard Hotel, so it’s time to choose what can I wear. Would you like to play a bit with “Barbie Gucki”? Many of you asked me to show you what I’m going to wear as I did last year… Help me to choose the outfit!

Here you find 8 different outfits, no color (I don’t know why but my closet is going on the Scandi look! Find out more in my board on Pinterest!) but only black, white and silver glitter!

Shoes are my only certainty: I’m going to use those I bought for the last year awards night, I have no many occasion to wear high glittered heels and maybe they can bring me luck!

I have to admit it: I already have one, maybe two, favorite outfits. Let’s find out if we are on the same page! Please, let me know which is your favorite in comments below!

amara-interiors-awards-2016-gucki-2-copy amara-interiors-awards-2016-gucki-3-copy

amara-interiors-awards-2016-gucki-4-copy amara-interiors-awards-2016-gucki-5-copy

amara-interiors-awards-2016-gucki-8-copy amara-interiors-awards-2016-gucki-7-copy

amara-interiors-awards-2016-gucki-6-copy amara-interiors-awards-2016-gucki-9-copy

Thank you everyone!

I will be in London thank to your support! This time my date will be Filippo, my husband, but I will bring everyone of you with me! Thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart!