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Once again THANK YOU to any of you that in July nominated me, for the third consecutive year,  for the Amara Interior Blog Awards. Every time that email arrives, “Congratulations, you’ve been nominated” the heart skips a beat.

How many times I have to say “thank you” to make you understand how grateful I am? The nomination is always anonymous and always unexpected. Thank you very much, it’s always such a wonderful surprise.

But this year my answer has been “No, thanks (infinitely thankful eh?!)”. This year I decided to not participate to the Amara Interior Blog Awards, I was tempted (by telling me that the award night will be held at the new London Design Museum they almost convinced me!) and flattered but it was difficult to take this decision.

This would have been the third consecutive year but I decided to pass. And “passing” is definitely not in my style … but it’s not in my style even to participate without giving the 100% and the Amara Interior Blog Awards is something to take seriously, you have to give your best (with one win and a final believe me, I know what I’m talking about…) but this year there is too much going on. I need to put all my energies and time in Gucki for Gucki.

Today the blog turns 4 years old!

1,460 days of surprises and amazement in which my life was turned upside down, in which I changed a lot, certainly I get better, a new me was born, I became Gucki in real life and so much happened!

I have so many projects for “us”, I want to work hard and grow!
So there’s no Amara Interior Blog Awards this year, even because I did not want to bother you stressing, for the third year, with a “please vote me”!

Thank you all for the constant support and encouragement, thanks to Amara for believing in me when I did not, thanks to Gucki who saved me …
We’ll see you here starting from tomorrow, as always from Monday to Friday, with so many new blog posts, news, trends, great design, passions, ideas and inspirations!

See you, I’ll wait for you 😉
Happy Birthday Gucki!