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Daily Fiction is the stationery collection signed by Normann Copenhagen. If you do not know it yet you’ll love it immediately and you’ll crave every single item! It’s a kind of candy store for grownups!

The collection is designed by the Copenhagen based design studio Femmes Régionales and it reminds the new Normann Copenhagen showroom.

I’m totally in love with these pastel colors, pattern and details. More than 200 beautiful and humorous items. For example, on the eraser you can read “Never forever” or the pencils name is “Make your marks”! How can you resist?

normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_20 normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_23


normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_19 normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_17-copia

normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_06 normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_26


normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_15 normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_13_crop-copia normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_11

normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_07 normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_05 normann_copenhagen_daily_fiction_03-copia



You can find here the direct link to the shop on-line… you won’t regret (affordable price too: pencils starting from 1,50 €)!

Have you noticed the ruler triangle? You surely already have one from middle school: glue some decorative paper on the bottom, super easy diy hack!