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It’s super cold outside in these days. There is nothing better than lazy Sunday afternoon. Yesterday was the perfect afternoon: herbal tea and knitting!

I was looking for a quick project, not ambitious, something that I could finish in one afternoon. Instead of the usual scarf, I made a crazy cushion! It was the first time I knitted something for our home and not to wear. A lot of satisfaction!wool-and-the-gang-4

My granma and my mum are very good at knitting, I usually ask them for every project or new stitch, but this time I was able to do everything by myself!

In the last post about 21 gift ideas for knitting addicted you can find Wool and the Gang, an e-shop with so many knit kits (if you are too lazy you can choose the ready made version!): sweaters, hats, scarves (for women, men and kids), bags, jewellery and home décor.kit-maglia



In my crazy cushion kit there was all I needed: wool yard, mixtape yarn, knitting needles, cushion back and instructions. I used a real mix of stitches and, for a person precise and fussy like me, it was a real fun! No worry about precision, just having fun with stitches I’ve never tried before! The on-line tutorials have been very very helpful, they guide you step by step in every type of stitches.
In few hours I knitted my cushion!



What do you think? Next time I would like to try the arm-knitting, some of you have already tried?