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Sunday 1st July will be the Digital Detox Day, the opportunity to disconnect with our phone and reconnect with our real lifes.

Do you also check your phone continuously? I do. I check e-mails, messages, likes, new followers, comments, how is the post on Instagram going? I check the weather, I look for anything on my mind on Google, I make continuous screenshots to fix ideas (that I don’t find when I need or I don’t remember the reason I took the screenshot…), I take a picture, I look for photos (90% I won’t even find what I’m looking for…), I add things to my shopping list (I use an app, of course), I even check the time on my phone even if I always wear a watch…
All this for all day long. The phone is the last thing I see when I go to sleep and the first thing when I wake up. I know, I should do better…

The 1st of July will be the occasion to disconnect myself from my phone and it will also be the date of my “maternity leave”!

It’s time to focus on the adventure that awaits us: I’m 39 weeks pregnant (and over), I have to finish preparing the last things, rest for a moment, dedicate time to this belly that seems everyday more and more like a watermelon, and take my time to really understand what is going to happen.

Gucki goes on maternity leave.

Here on the blog we’ll see again after the summer while you can always find me on Facebook and Instagram so I will tell you about the big changes coming.

I must say I’m scared. It is not only for the physical pain that awaits me in a few days (of course, I am terrified!), I am more afraid of the changes that will come. I’m afraid to slow down. Slow down is not for me.

Who knows if there is anyone that remembers the original about page of Gucki…
“I am fast. I’m very fast.
I walk fast, I eat fast, I speak fast, I learn fast, I think fast, I get in trouble fast, I panic fast, I smile fast, I dream fast, I fell asleep fast, I wake up fast, I change fast, I get ready fast, I zap fast, I trust fast, I change my mind fast, I get tired fast, I type fast, I notice fast, I recharge myself fast, I want to go fast. I want to be faster.
I am a dreamer.
Today is never now. “Now” is always 1 second ago.
I am fast. Too fast even for myself.
I am running after myself.”

There’s nothing “slow” in me. And now “slow” seems to be the word of the moment. “You have to slow down”. I do not even know how to do it, but I think that is what is going to happen in a bit.
I have a romantic idea of “slow living”, enjoying the moment, taking my time… so I think it is a beautiful and desirable thing, but will I be good at it?
This is probably the first thing that this baby will teach me.

Stay tuned!