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Super easy idea: photo display diy, a nice decoration and also a perfect gift idea! As you know, I often play with Instax  (you can read more here) and this is the perfect idea to create a photo display, you’ll can change photos very easy!

What you need
1 board
long toothpicks
tempera or spray paint
double-sided tape
metal clips

Cut your board, I did it in 4 section at 56 cm long. Using the drill make holes, one bigger that you’ll use it to hang the photo display on the wall and other in the toothpicks measure. Color boards with tempera (or spray paint) or cover it with some wallpaper (do it using double-sided tape, it will be eaiser!).
Add little toothpick sections in holes, hang there the metal clips and ribbon and you’re done! Very simple, isn’t it?
The boards are actually pretty light that you could probably use command strips as well so that you do not damage your walls.
porta-foto-fai-da-te-guckiporta-foto-fai-da-te-gucki-2porta-foto-fai-da-te-gucki-7porta-foto-fai-da-te-gucki-3porta-foto-fai-da-te-gucki-4Do you like this simple DIY? If you are in Bologna area tomorrow we’re going to do it together with Instax and CasaFacile at the Big Buyer, the fair of stationery (a kind of my wonderland! Follow me on Facebook!) You can find here all the details! 😉