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Sometime I immediately feel something for a design project, a simple detail can attract my attention and I want to know more.
This is what happened with this project by the French designer Cédric Canaud “Le Stylobate, Le Reposant, La Tête, Le Bloc d’Hérodote and Le Plis”. It is a collection of modular elements. In Classical Greek architecture “stylobate” is the stepped platform at the base of the column, from the Greek στυλος “column” and βάσις “base” (let me show what I learned during my high school years!).

It starts with the simple and linear structure of the seat and then you can create your own configuration according to your habits: 5 elements interrelated answering to one question or a need and linked to the seated of the installed body, resting or in activity.
Banquette_Stylobate LeBlocD'Herodote_Stylobate_1LaTete_Stylobatedivano modulare

In our days we must always be connected, we are “friends” even if just online, we share our life, we do not want to be excluded from the others lives, same trends run all over the world but at the same time we want to speak up, emerge and make us recognizable. Personalization and customization becomes the real trend. With “Le Stylobate…” everyone creates his own way to sit, his “environment” where relax, his “personal” object.
Schermata 2017-06-20 alle 19.54.48 Schermata 2017-06-20 alle 19.55.06

What do you think? Deep thoughts, aren’t they? Design not only defines furniture, it expresses our culture, our time. Let us look at it with new eyes!


Photo Cédric Canaud