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I love fresh smoothies, they are healthy and very tasty, perfect for a summer break.

However, if you do the shopping as I do you will have plenty of fruit in the early days and then nothing more… to avoid wasting, but also to preserve fruit and provide you fresh smoothie every time you want, I have a trick for you.frullati-fruttafrullato-frutta

Cut fruits and put them into freezer bags. You can conserve fruit even up to 12 months! Small fruit is best to be frozen, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, sprinkle some lemon juice on banana to avoid oxidize.

Each bag will contain a single poration for your smoothies. My advice: freeze fruit only for short periods, we have all the Summer ahead us, the taste of fresh fruit is better than any trick. I suggest you to freeze it just to avoid to run out of fruit when you want a smoothie.

To preserve properly fruit in freezer you have to follow precise rules, for example fruits that contain a lot of water (such as melon or pineapple) are those less suitable to be frozen while peaches and apricots should be dipped into sugar for better preservation.

When defrosting, pass the fruit bags from the freezer to the fridge. If you blend the fruit before it is completely thawed you will get a “slush” effect that will be super refreshing and yummy!

This is the recipe of my favorite smoothie:

1 banana
1 apricot
1 peach
4 cherries
1 slice of melon
2 dates
1 slice of ginger
milk (soy milk, rice milk, almond milk…)
1 teaspoon of chia seeds

It’s an Energy Smoothie, dates contain natural sugars that are a source of energy, properties of ginger are so many (you can read here a post I wrote about its benefits) and it will give a spin to your smoothie.
The final touch: a sprinkling of chia seeds. These very small seeds have really exceptional nutritional properties: high calcium, omega3 and omega6, vitamin C, iron and potassium.


Let’s enjoy our super healthy smoothie! Cheeeers!
frullati-frutta-smoothie-2 smoothie