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Wallpaper remains one of the main interior trends, one of the best ways to transform and give personality to a room. Protagonist, delicate, minimalist, like a tropical forest or even able to reproduce true optical illusions, everyone can choose his favorite.

The difference with the wallpaper of the “grandmother’s house” is that now you choose one or two walls and cover only these, not the four walls of the room. This keeps the resulting light and allows you to use them as true sets.

We had already talked about wallpaper in the bathroom – yes, you can even use it in here! There are some precautions as humidity and more resistant materials such as vinyl papers – but there’s more… sky’s the limit!

When you think of walls of a room they are always 4, but there is one more that is always ignored: the ceiling!

Decorating the “fifth wall” is among the major new interior trends. Pinterest declares ceiling wallpaper one of their top 10 interior design trends for 2018.
This can radically transform a space leaving the walls “free” and lighter.

Here are the new Hovia proposals (from €31 per square metre) for ceilings:

Obviously, I love the optical version in black and white and the banana leaves, it would be wonderful to feel like being in a tropical forest!

Photos Hovia.com