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Today it’s my turn to participate at #Flowinitaliano, the spontaneous initiative born from the passion of Anabella Veronesi of My washi tape for Flow magazine. Ana has involved all of her friends, bloggers, illustrators and followers, creating a community across whole Italy from north to south, we are asking loudly a Flow edition in Italian.

But I’m not alone, today I’m happy teaming up with the amazing illustrator Giorgia Bressan who has created this beautiful graphic inspired by Flow.

What is Flow? Flow is taking some time for ourselves, stop, enjoy a break, drink a cup of tea and get lost in the stories full of inspirations through the pages of the magazine. Beautiful graphics, pattern and articles open new windows on creativity and on the world, Flow can create an atmosphere of confidence and complicity that makes each moment unique.

This #flowinitaliano community is a new breeze and the proof that passion can be powerful and that we need creativity and inspiration in our daily life, that sharing always helps to smile and work together but also not to feel alone.

Anabella is a true force of nature that inspired to create something so powerful and beautiful such this community. Now let’s see what will happen, if the desire to read Flow in Italian will be realized. In any case, it was a wonderful way to show how much beauty, creativity and passion our country has. This community is like a new breeze, a ladies club, which brings a really good scent of change!

Now you just have to share this wonderful graphics by Giorgia Bressan with #flowinitalian #flowmagazineday hashtags and join the community! Download and print the graphic, make it yours, hang it in your home!