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In Milan there is a new place with a mysterious charm: it’s Six, like the professional figures who created it and like the smallest of the perfect numbers.

Six, the ultimate place to be, is a design gallery – the Six Gallery, bistro – Sixième, and green design boutique. The space, in via Scaldasole 7, very neat to the Darsena, develops around an interior courtyard, very typical of Milan, it is situated in a 16th-century building that was, in the beginning, a monastery.

The renovation, by architects David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung, removed the plaster layers from the interior and brought back to light the ancient and original floors and brick walls that are now painted in a very dark gray.

«We wanted that everything, from furniture to plants, seems to be here ever since» – Bauer Grung

The result is a place full of charm, where modern furniture from Giò Ponti, Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Gabriella Crespi and Isamu Noguchi meet Oriental pots, Scandinavian design, Bohemian carpets and exotic plants.

The idea started from the entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli, every professional has brought his own experience and stylistic figure.
There is the entrepreneurial spirit, art director Samuele Savio, architects who designed the space, musician Sergio Carnevale (Bluvertigo drummer!) and the landscape architect Irene Cuzzaniti (the owner of La Fioreria in Cascina Cuccagna).

Here you can find a design gallery, a bistro where to eat, take a coffee or a cocktail at every hour and special floral arrangements. In particular, don’t miss the corner dedicated to flowers that also offers a selection of book plant related and limited edition objects.

I just have to leave you the address: Six, via Scaldasole 7, Milano.


Photo Alberto Strada